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this is so sexy

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eeriecastleblog Asked: Hello there! Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, would you two still like those cute characters of yourselves? I finally had some time to get everything set up, and I'll be up and running within the week. I know I said I'd do it for you, so you two will take priority for the first commissions :D

Spending on the price I would love one myself :) I’m just recovering from holiday broke-ness right now lol

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Intergalactic space princess

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Ace Blakely dress at Grown and Curvy Woman

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theladymisandry Asked: Top five plus size stores/brands? :D


(Are there even five to choose from?)

  1. Simply Be. Their clothes are super cute and I want all of them, but they’re too fucking expensive. 
  2. ASOS Curve. I wish they had more basic pieces - tank tops, bigger selection of jeans, etc. but the dresses I have from them are top notch. 
  3. Torrid, I guess. The quality of their clothes and shoes ain’t never been something to drool over, but every now and then they come up with something cute. They just need have better-made products. Especially for their prices. 
  4. Cato. I would put them before Torrid because their quality & price are more in my bracket, but they definitely aim for an older group of people and they don’t have as much variety. 
  5. Uh…I can’t even think of a number five. I know there are (very few) other plus size stores, but none of them have a big enough size range or a good price range and style in my opinion. Or at least they’re not good enough to make me want to list them. 

TLDR we need more plus size stores, more sizes, better quality, and reasonable prices. 

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Outfit details here.

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Okay, I really need a full length mirror. But my dress came in the mail and I am TOO EXCITED. it’s also my off day from the bakery so I didn’t bother with hair or makeup today. Also, please excuse my horrifying bathroom.

Dress : F21+ (XL)
Coat : Target (XL)
Shrug : The Limited (L)
Scarf : Target
Knot earrings : Target
Necklace : Target

Black wedges : Target (6)
Opaque tights : Target (XL)

I’m getting a full length mirror this week and I will take fancy pictures then but I could not contain myself today. This outfit has me TOO EXCITED.

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